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5 tips to boost the productivity of your SME

The subject of productivity is central to any business. But when you are interested in small and medium-sized companies, especially those in strong growth, it becomes a must! Saving time is important to improve the results of your SME, but also on many other levels: motivating employees, allowing them to better focus on important issues, allowing them to meet the challenges they have set themselves...

To help you in your quest for productivity, Salesforce has just released a white paper: " 5 productivity tips every SME needs to know". The renowned software company provides valuable practical advice that is easy to implement in your company. Small and medium-sized businesses also illustrate the tips by providing feedback and explaining how they have increased their agility and flexibility.

Want a sneak peek before you dive in? We offer you a taste of the tips developed in the white paper.

  1. Adopt the right tools We don't do business the same way we did 20 years ago. The ways of exchanging have evolved, the possibilities offered by tools to improve relationships with customers and prospects have never been so strong. Getting the most out of your CRM solution will allow SMEs to save precious time, but also to work in a more relevant way!
  2. Connect all your data on a single platform Data: data and its proper use have become essential for monitoring customer journeys and establishing a lasting relationship with them. The question of integrating your various tools arises, to enable you to have a coherent and complete ecosystem. It's time to link all your tools and have a 360° vision of your data!
  3. Work more efficiently easier said than done! Once your tools are interconnected, the key is to use them well. Your CRM can allow you to automate certain scenarios, thus saving you precious time. And the more your tools are connected to your CRM (your mailbox for example), the more automation scenarios you will have!
  4. Go mobile In just a few years, the cell phone has become ultra-dominant over the desktop, whether it's for checking email or for advertising investments. Having a strategy that allows your mobile employees to continue to be productive while using their phone, thanks to data centralization in the cloud, is a real asset.
  5. Simplify report creation With so much data available, it's becoming increasingly important to identify the information you really need. Traffic, conversion rate, number of leads collected... List your key indicators, keep your data up to date and automate reporting! This will allow you to prioritize easily and have a clear view of the most important information.


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